What our Residents Say

We know that Watermark Freshwater is a great place to live, but we want you to hear it from our very own residents. Meet residents John, Mike and Bunny and Moira and John.

For each individual resident their reason to choose Watermark Freshwater was different. For some it was the opportunity to wake up to the fresh sea breezes or to have access to onsite facilities including the restaurants, fitness and aquatic centre or entertainment options. For others it was being able to have the opportunity to live with friends and other likeminded people, sharing a coffee over the morning paper or enjoying the comfort of our safe and secure Village lifestyle. Whatever the reason, Watermark Freshwater can cater to the needs of active over 55s in a luxury and caring Village community.

Here’s why these residents chose Watermark Freshwater to call home.

“Looking out at the Pacific Ocean around to Manly is a rare place to live. To also be surrounded by a friendly and compatible community makes it an ideal and unique home. We feel lucky to live at Watermark, Freshwater.” – Herb Elliott


“When you wake up in the morning and you get to breathe in that salt-laden air, it’s a healthy experience for any body. Our family visits us quite often. They enjoy the beaches and the ability as a family group to go down to the Diggers club and enjoy a meal.”

Mike and Bunny

“We came to the Northern Beaches and we thought, this is where we want to be! As soon as we moved in here, we felt at home. There’s a good community spirit. The staff have really gone the extra mile to make us feel welcome.”

Moira and John

“This is a unique situation that we live in. It has a wonderful family village atmosphere. We’re quite active people. We walk every day. You can walk to Curly or Freshwater, there are so many lovely places that are within easy reach. We feel very, very fortunate to be here. It’s like a five-star hotel, but only six stars”